Is Vin Diesel planning a Miami Vice reboot?

News sources told AFP, NBC NBC is working with action star Vin Diesel co-operation, restart police drama Miami Vice.

The company has yet to officially announce the project, but members said 50-year-old One Race Television is working with Universal Pictures and Chris Morgan to co-operate, Chris Morgan wrote for Diesel starring in “Happy with Anger “Movie six.

It is not clear if the diesel will appear on the restart, without the implementation of the manufacturer is blocked.

But Peter Macmanus, written for Spike “Fog” and “American Satisfaction”, will produce a script based on the original series, which tells AFP.

It will be the latest TV series to reboot the most popular detectives and other big screens and small screens, including CBS MacGyver and Hawaii V O, as well as Fox’s deadly weapons.

The vice president of Miami represents a dark and fascinating side of the city that once committed a crime, known as helping revive for many years after its main claim to become the main illegal entry point for the United States.

According to FBI data, Miami was the center of a vigorous development of more than 1,500 homicide cases in 1981.

The Federal Enforcement Agency estimates that cocaine trafficking in 1979 was only $ 1 billion in wholesale trade.

Michael’s bad reputation reached its peak in 1982, when Brian De Palma took his crime drama “Scarface”, where Al Pacino showed a relentless Thugs, killed the top of the drug empire.

From 1984 to 1989, Miami’s deputy prime minister in the United States Broadcasting Corporation also demonstrated the violence of the city, but in a strange style, the city was put back on the map as a destination for tourists looking for the beach and night life.

Detective Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, played by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, dressed in expensive soft-colored suits, drove Ferrari and speedboats, and Miami was a steady bottom.

Michael Jordan, starring Michael Mann, Jamie Foxx, and Colin Farrell in the summer of 2006, the American film company referred to the “American box office.”

According to “Hollywood Reporter” reported that the television series has been for several months, and Diesel introduced the idea of resuming the program, NBC Entertainment CEO Jennifer Sark (Jennifer Salke) personal appeal.


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